Dr Dev has a boutique practice in preventive, diagnostic and interventional cardiology. Emphasis is on comprehensive and compassionate cardiac care. Dr Dev did research and interventional cardiology training at Cedars' Sinai Medical center and has been on the faculty at Cedars' Sinai Medical Center and an Associate clinical professor at UCLA. Dr Dev is currently the Medical Director at Los Robles Medical Center at Thousand Oaks, CA. Dr Dev specializes in coronary stents, stents for peripheral vascular disease, and carotid stents and treatment of heart disease, congestive heart failure, hypertension, high cholesterol and vascular disease.

State of the Art Care: Dr Dev started his career as a scientist at Cedars' Sinai  Medical Center and has published more than 120 scientific papers; review articles and chapters in prestigious books. Dr Dev is currently the Principal Investigator of a number of clinical trials. We are aware of the cutting edge technology and stay on top of the recent advances in medicine and offer therapy based on these to our patients. In most circumstances we are early adopters of new research and technology to the benefit of our patients. As noted in the "In the News Section" and the "Publications" Dr Dev help start the Ventura County's heart attack project, helped get STEMI center and Chest Pain Center designations for the Los Robles Hospital; and started the carotid stent and the PFO closure projects for stroke management.

Personalized Care: Dr Dev does not share call with a large group of doctors as is often the case in healthcare now. He takes his own call except for few weeks in a year. Hence the patients get to see him personally during emergencies rather than a substitute physician who has not seen the patient on a regular basis.

Electronic Medical Records: For the last 10 years all our medical records are electronic and hence are promptly available in their entirety during an emergency. They are also remotely accessible; making sure your medical information is accurately, completely and promptly available when it is needed most. Our practice is already practicing what the country as a whole aspires to do in the next decade.

Prompt Care: Cardiology is a field where prompt care is absolutely critical. Despite the fact that we have one of the largest cardiology practices in the area we will see a patient if needed in our office within 1-2 days and sometimes even on the same day as appropriate. Our office is in a building closest to the Emergency Department of the Los Robles Hospital. Dr Dev would often walk down to the Emergency Room to take care of his patients in the ER, even during a busy office. You can expect prompt care when you need most.